ZBrush 3D Printing Course - Goblin War Chariot

Learn to actually control detail in this speed driven guide to producing 3D Printing with ZBrush

Course Summary

3D Printing Course for Gaining Control of Detail Inside ZBrush!

Welcome to this Course - ZBrush 3D Printing Course - Goblin War Chariot controlling detail for 3D Printing

The course is aimed at people who want to learn how to control detail specifically depth and extrusion for the tolerances needed for 3D Printing, I have spent many hours testing and trying new methods as well as the usual ones found all over the internet, together we will test and I will show you some of the pitfalls and challenges that face modern day 3D Printers.

This course is not linear it explores all aspect of controlling detail for 3d print and I repeat and show you multiple ways of doing things, leaving you with many choices going forwards, this course is broken up into 3 main sectors 1: exploration 2:Finalisation and 3: Finishing.

3D Printing Course Key Features

    • Basic Modelling
    •   Creating Clean UVs
    •   Creating depth control brushes
    •   Using the Surface Noise 
    •   Using the Surface Noise 
    •   Creating and using Alphas
      • Using Morph targets
      •   Using Layers to control depth
      •   Using 3d Snapshot
      •   How to use Boolians
      •   Creating watertight meshes
      •   All assets Supplied
        • Using Extrusions
        •   Adding additional details
        •   Trouble shooting
        •   Working with tolerances
        •   Measuring and scaling
        •   Breaking up for slicing

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    Course Curriculum

    David Newton


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