Module 2: ZBrush Concept and Detailed Character Poly Painting

This is Module 2 I will show you different methods for poly painting your model within ZBrush only!


Course Summary

Welcome to "Module 2: ZBrush Concept and Detailed Character Poly Painting" during this course we will cover every technique you can think of to poly paint and texture your model inside ZBrush!
This is the second Module of the complete character design for Games course, we will not be showing UV layout but simply focusing on the range of techniques we can use to paint and texture our Sculpt inside ZBrush


  • ZBrush 2019
  • Photoshop CC for Compositing only


  • Painting and texturing Skin with control layers
  • Using Surface Noise to add colour and additional detail
  • Masking techniques> Image reference and projections
  • Colour build up and development
  • Material fills and blends
  • Final render setting and compositing
  • Many tips and tricks
  • Plus much More...

    Module 1A: ZBrush Poly Painting Course

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    Course Curriculum

    David Newton


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    Module 1A: ZBrush Poly Painting Course


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