Module 1: ZBrush Concept and Detailed Character Sculpting Course

This is module 1 of a series taking you from initial design all the way to a ZBrush game ready asset with hours of video training


Course Summary

Welcome to "Module 1 - Zbrush Concept and Detail Character Sculpting Course" during this course we will cover every technique you can think of taking your ZBrush skills to the next level and beyond, this is not a quick course you will spend many weeks working and learning the techniques I use during this course, the end result will be an advanced level ZBrush user in concept and sculpting.


    • Zbrush Version 2018 up
    • For compositing you will need Photoshop or similar (please note I use Photoshop CC)
    • If you have Keyshot great I show you how to render from here as well as inside ZBrush

    • Creating base meshes 3 different ways
    • Building a high red body from the base mesh up to detailing
    • Creating a likeness sculpt of the face
    • Using dynamesh and the difference between sub divided sculpt and dynamesh
    • Using topology tools for rigging and creating clean geometry
    • Using spotlight for reference
    • Different methods for tiling alphas, different methods demonstrated
    • Creating hair, fur and leather
    • Using micro mesh and nanomesh for armour
    • Using surface noise and the noise maker plugin
    • Complex boolian actions for subtraction and creating the UMesh from these
    • Creating insert, multi-mesh and curve on surface brushes, both appending and adding new brushes, plus loading and saving them
    • Keeping your scene organised and using references
    • Using TPose to pose our final sculpt, and using the rigging feature inside ZBrush
    • Saving custom views and the setting for a document
    • We will look at materials, colour and lighting as well as rendering from Zbrush and from Keyshot
    • Compositing render passes inside Photoshop

    • As well as all of the above there are many, many tips and tricks along the way
    • I would expect you to complete this course in 3 to 4 weeks, please make sure you understand each step and become fluent in each area before moving on to the next lecture, mistakes and problems will be encountered and that is what I am here for to guide and help you on your journey to becoming the best you can be!
    • Over 180 Video files with some assets supplied to get you started
    • Support and Q and A area

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Course Curriculum

David Newton


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